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Whether you're relocating from overseas or moving from one NHS Trust to another, you need to know that you and your family are in safe hands. We have a huge network of contacts across the United Kingdom and exclusive access to vacancies to suit all grades and specialisms. You'll also benefit from our end-to-end relocation concierge services that will see your whole family through visa applications, pre-employment checks and the logistics of your move. If you can't see a vacancy that suits you or you're not quite ready to apply for a role yet, upload your CV so that we can update you.

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Comprehensive Guidance in

IMG Media

You'll find a wealth of guidance and assistance in our IMG Media hub. We believe in simplifying the process for international doctors as much as possible. You'll find blogs, videos, infographics, animated explainers, podcasts and downloadable resources all available completely free of charge here. As a starting point why not watch the following animated guide on the 10 Steps to GMC Registration.

Always on hand with

Career Advice

More than just Medical Recruitment, BDI Resourcing are proud to support the IMG community with a wealth of media and guidance that will always be accessible for free. Our IMG Media Hub includes

  • Downloadable template CVs
  • Downloadable Interview guides
  • Step-by-step visa application guides
  • Articles on all aspects of IMG relocation 
  • The latest insights in NHS recruitment
IMG Media
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Even if you're not quite ready to make a full job application you can start your journey by uploading a CV. Our expert team will be able to guide you through the whole process for your next move and keep you updated with all the latest job opportunities.


Our Specialisms

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Anaesthetics & ICU

Anaesthetists play a vital role in preparing patients for surgery, as well as providing pain relief and aftercare. ICU is an incredibly busy yet rewarding field and together they combine as one of the busiest areas for NHS recruitment. Discover More.

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Emergency Medicine

Accident and emergency departments vary from minor injury units to major trauma centres. It's a busy area and the NHS has a huge demand for Emergency Medicine doctors. Discover more.

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General Medicine

Perhaps the most varied healthcare area, General Medicine covers general, acute and geriatric care as well as subspecialised fields like respiratory, cardiology, diabetes and gastroenterology too. Discover more.

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Oncology is crying out for fresh talent, having been hampered by a chronic skills shortage. The backlog of cancer screenings makes it all the more vital, and there is an abundance of vacant roles. Discover more.

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Paediatrics in the NHS covers a range of fields from general and acute paediatrics to varying levels of Neonatal care including SCBU and NICU. There is a huge demand for Paediatricians across the NHS. Discover more.

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General Radiologists cover a wide range of reporting however the NHS also operates a highly sub-specialised system so expertise in interventional, breast, MRI, paediatric and neuro imaging are also in high demand. Discover more.

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Our International Medical Recruitment Services

Our recruitment consultants are specialists in sourcing top doctors from all over the world to fill all-important NHS anaesthetics jobs. We are proud of our unique approach to medical recruitment, and you can learn all about it by checking out our services. 

With our extensive knowledge and experience, we provide you with the opportunity to connect with a vast network of skilled medical professionals globally. We not only assist NHS trusts in accessing a wider selection of top-notch doctors, but we also develop digital resources to aid candidates during the initial stages of their registration process. Discover more. 

As experts in international medical recruitment, we have the skills to source the right doctor for your job vacancy. Having made more than 2,000 placements in over 100 trusts, we provide recruitment services that allow our NHS partners to boost retention rates while saving valuable time and resources. Discover more. 

Our team are passionate about providing concierge services to help overseas doctors to settle in the UK. We perform an array of key tasks to make sure that international hires obtain their health and care visas, including double checking application forms and dealing with Home Office enquiries. Hundreds of candidates have benefitted from our end-to-end relocation services. Discover more.

NHS trusts have saved time and money by using our recruitment services. When you partner with us, you can expect a fair and transparent pricing plan, and you’ll also be protected by a 12-month rebate scale. We encourage you to get in touch today so we can give you a bespoke quote.  Discover more. 

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We've helped over 100 NHS Trusts to recruit thousands of international and domestic doctors in to fixed term and permanent posts. Find out more about how we can help you reach, recruit and relocate the best medical talent.

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Thousands of international and domestic doctors have trusted us with their NHS recruitment journey and, with only Five-Star feedback, you know you'll be in safe hands. See our latest vacancies and get in touch to find out how we can help you and your family with their next move.

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Over 100 NHS Trusts have worked with us to Reach, Recruit and Relocate over 1500 UK and International Doctors with only Five Star feedback. Register here to see how we can help.

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