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Our modern, digital approach to international recruitment encourages diversity and ensures long term partnerships across borders whilst reducing costs and vastly accelerating the hiring process for the NHS. We are digital, ethical, sustainable, affordable and fast.


We connect international doctors to the NHS by using digital technologies and media. Our in-depth articles, information-packed YouTube videos, and welcoming webinars have built an audience of hundreds of thousands of doctors globally.

This community is the perfect platform for our NHS partners to showcase their Trusts through client spotlight pages and targeted job adverts without being limited to a single source country or in-person conference networking.

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The NHS is a force of good far beyond the UK’s borders, which is why we extend our reach to multiple countries, ensuring fairness and inclusion rather than draining the resources of single source countries. Of course, we are fully committed to the Code of Practice for International recruitment, meaning we never actively recruit from red list countries.

We have a worldwide, multi-country approach to encouraging diversity in the NHS workforce. Not only does this bring excellent doctors to the NHS, but it also promotes the education and upskilling of international doctors, benefiting the global healthcare workforce. We see that as our social responsibility and take it seriously.


By investing fully in a digital first strategy, we minimise the need for international travel, instead forming strong bonds with our digital strategies and communication.

We have committed to becoming a net zero-carbon supplier to the NHS by 2050. We offset our carbon emissions, use a local, sustainable supply chain, and contribute to charitable and renewable initiatives. We are a sustainable recruiter with the future in mind.

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When recruiting for the NHS, affordability matters – a lot. That’s why we have a single, transparent flat fee, allowing NHS trusts to budget efficiently. There are no hidden fees, keeping pricing simple.

Permanent staff on direct contracts, present a simple and effective way of considerably reducing locum expenditure.

We are also part of all of the CCS and HTE Frameworks having worked with over 100 NHS Trusts, and we’re so confident in our retention rates that we offer a market leading 1 year rebate period on our fees.


Our average time between offer and arrival is 112 days, including full pre-employment checking, visa processing and international travel. This is just 22 days longer than a standard NHS notice period.

Thanks to our expert recruiters and exceptional relocation support, we provide a 98% offer and 95% acceptance rate from all our candidates. On top of that, just 0.95% of our placement result in rebate. So, you can trust that the process delivers fast and efficient recruitment results that last.

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The Team

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Alice Howe

Executive Recruitment Consultant

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Hunter Diack

Team Leader

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Paige Gillies

Senior Recruitment Consultant

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Megan Parry

Relocation Executive


Our Specialisms

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Anaesthetics & ICU

Anaesthetists play a vital role in preparing patients for surgery, as well as providing pain relief and aftercare. ICU is an incredibly busy yet rewarding field and together they combine as one of the busiest areas for NHS recruitment. Discover More.

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Emergency Medicine

Accident and emergency departments vary from minor injury units to major trauma centres. It's a busy area and the NHS has a huge demand for Emergency Medicine doctors. Discover more.

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General Medicine

Perhaps the most varied healthcare area, General Medicine covers general, acute and geriatric care as well as subspecialised fields like respiratory, cardiology, diabetes and gastroenterology too. Discover more.

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Oncology is crying out for fresh talent, having been hampered by a chronic skills shortage. The backlog of cancer screenings makes it all the more vital, and there is an abundance of vacant roles. Discover more.

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Paediatrics in the NHS covers a range of fields from general and acute paediatrics to varying levels of Neonatal care including SCBU and NICU. There is a huge demand for Paediatricians across the NHS. Discover more.

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General Radiologists cover a wide range of reporting however the NHS also operates a highly sub-specialised system so expertise in interventional, breast, MRI, paediatric and neuro imaging are also in high demand. Discover more.

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We've helped over 100 NHS Trusts to recruit thousands of international and domestic doctors in to fixed term and permanent posts. Find out more about how we can help you reach, recruit and relocate the best medical talent.

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Thousands of international and domestic doctors have trusted us with their NHS recruitment journey and, with only Five-Star feedback, you know you'll be in safe hands. See our latest vacancies and get in touch to find out how we can help you and your family with their next move.

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DE & I Statement

At BDI, we firmly believe that fostering an environment of diversity, equality, and inclusion is not just an aspiration but an integral aspect of our core values.

We are committed to ensuring that these principles are deeply ingrained in every aspect of our operation, from the selection and hiring of employees, to their ongoing employment journey.

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