Recruiting International Talent for Medical Jobs

BDI Resourcing is a leading medical recruitment agency that connects the best and brightest international doctors with medical jobs in the NHS.

With an in-depth understanding of the recruitment challenges that Britain’s health service is currently facing, we aim to fill all-important roles with exceptional overseas doctors to help the NHS save money on locum expenditure. Thanks to our forward-thinking, inclusive approach to medical recruitment, we have successfully placed over 1,500 doctors into trusts all over the UK.

The NHS is experiencing an unprecedented staffing crisis, and based on current trends, staff shortages could exceed 570,000 by 2036. Factors such as an ageing population, a lack of funding, and Brexit are making it much more difficult for hospitals to recruit top doctors. By sourcing high-quality doctors from all over the world, we are playing a key role in helping trusts to recruit staff in a more efficient and affordable way. 

We are committed to going the extra mile for our candidates, and our award-winning services have helped many IMGs to find their dream medical jobs. From providing relocation support to nurturing your development through ongoing pastoral care, we will pay special attention to every aspect of your international job move. Our team understands that advancing your career in another country may appear daunting at first, but they’ll be there to guide you through the process to the best of their ability. 

BDI is dedicated to working with high-quality overseas doctors, so our NHS partners can rest assured that they’ll be hiring a stand-out candidate. Once we have helped you to fill your vacancies, we will be there to help them settle in and assist you with any queries. We understand that staff retention is paramount, that’s why we have been able to maintain a 99% retention rate for our international hires.

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Our International Medical Recruitment Services

Our recruitment consultants go above and beyond to place high-quality doctors from all over the world into NHS roles here in the UK. To learn all about how our distinctive approach to medical recruitment, check out our services below: 

Through BDI, you have the opportunity to reach out to a vast network of qualified medical staff from around the world. Not only do we help NHS trusts to access a broader pool of medical talent, we also create digital media that supports international doctors through the first stages of their registration. Discover more.

As international medical recruitment specialists, we have the expertise to source the right doctor for your medical vacancy. We have made more than 1,500 placements in over 100 NHS trusts, and our recruitment services allow our partners to boost retention and save time and costs.  Discover more.

Our team are passionate about providing end-to-end relocation services for the excellent overseas doctors we work with. We carry out an array of important tasks to ensure that international hires receive their health and care visas, from checking application forms to dealing with Home Office enquiries. Discover more

Over 100 NHS trusts have benefitted from our fair and transparent pricing plans. When you partner with us, you’ll also be protected by a 12-month rebate scale. Be sure to get in touch today so we can give you a quote.  Discover more.


Our specialisms

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Anaesthetics & ICU

The NHS is currently in the midst of an Anaesthetist staffing shortage, and their importance has never been greater. If you require a doctor who specialises in Anaesthetics, we will be on hand to provide you with what you need.

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Emergency Medicine

Accident and emergency departments have borne the brunt of the staffing-related disruption that has plagued the NHS. Recruiting and retaining staff in emergency medicine roles has become a key priority of NHS trusts all over the country, and we are here to help.

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General Medicine

Perhaps the most varied healthcare area, general medicine is perfect for doctors who excel in a wide range of specialisms. There are plenty of general medicine roles out there, and they provide the ideal platform for doctors to discover the area they want to pursue.

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Oncology is another area of medicine that is crying out for fresh talent, having been hampered by a chronic skills shortage. The backlog of cancer screenings makes the role of an oncologist all the more vital, and there is an abundance of vacant roles.

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Paediatrician is a role which has found itself on the government’s Shortage Occupation list, a fact that highlights just how much the NHS needs them. Their duties mainly focus on the care of children and adolescents, hence why they are so in demand.

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Medical imaging procedures such as X-Rays and MRI scans have become key components in modern medicine, and that's why radiologists are in such demand. We work with departments that pride themselves on providing radiologists with the highest standard of training schemes and career development opportunities.

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Meet our Medical Recruitment Consultations

At BDI, our medical recruitment consultants are passionate about helping IMGs to land their dream roles. Whether you are a graduate medic or a seasoned consultant, we are here to support you. We encourage you to drop off your CV today, one of our expert consultants will be in touch to discuss your ambitions. 

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BDI Resourcing attract, educate and relocate international doctors to actively increase the pool of registered and UK based doctors. We work closely with our NHS clients to offer a bespoke solution and ensure individual...

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Thousands of international and domestic doctors have trusted us with their NHS recruitment journey and, with only Five-Star feedback, you know you'll be in safe hands. See our latest vacancies and get in touch to find out how we can help you and your family with their next move.

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