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We believe in simplicity

Our mission is to solve the NHS staffing crisis, one doctor at a time. It’s a purpose everyone can easily get behind. Recruitment is all about people and what better cause than to help the people who help us every day in our incredible healthcare system.

We are approachable, straight-forward, honest and work with integrity. We focus on getting things right, doing a great job and patiently pursuing our goal to solve the NHS staffing crisis, one doctor at a time. Rather than concentrating on revenues, growth or headcount, you’ll more likely to find us pouring over our Facebook and Google reviews, knowing that if we’ve helped someone in the right way then success will follow. We are passionate about continual improvement at all levels as individuals, within teams and collectively as an organisation.

Life working at BDI Resourcing

You’ll be starting out in your own specialist area of Medical recruitment. You’ll only be recruiting doctors so think about the departments you might know in a hospital and that’s where we breakdown our specialisms (Cardiology, Surgery, Paediatrics etc). Don’t worry, you don’t need to be a trained doctor – we’re hiring you to be an expert in recruitment, not medicine! We have coverage across the whole medical spectrum so there’s no such thing as a ‘cold’ desk and you’ll join an established team benefiting from an existing pool of active candidates, whichever field you start in. Equally we’ve worked hard to build plenty of exclusive and preferred supplier contracts across the NHS so your client base will be exceptional. We’re not suggesting it will be a walk in the park, but we are confident that our infrastructure will give you the best chance at becoming a huge success quickly.

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Salary and Commission

Our recruitment consultant scale ranges from £22-30k basic salaries with a further management and director level scale ready for your future. You’ll also receive excellent commission on your successful placements with a fair scheme that encourages everyone to achieve together.

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From an initial formal training plan and right the way through your career with us, everything we do is about looking for ways to constantly improve your performance. You’ll be guided by an experienced manager and surrounded by a supportive team who are all take the lead with upskilling your knowledge as well as recruitment technique. 

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Career Ladder

From an Associate Recruitment Consultant, right the way through to Sales Director, you’ll have access to the same journey as everyone does, and we encourage you to take your career as far as you can. You will always be able to see the next step on your own ladder and your goals to getting there will always be totally clear and transparent.

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Career Development

You’ll work in an environment which is passionately supportive of your career. Our ethos is for you to have the platform to develop your recruitment skill set and start a career rather than just turning up to do a job. This starts from day one with our incredible onboarding and induction programme. It then follows up with a personalised development plan which we’ll work on every day and review formally with director level appraisals at least bi-annually.

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Personal Development

Your career is important but it’s success should always come as a result of your personal development. We want you to become more rounded throughout your career which is why we help identify personal improvements that we can support such as how to deal with stress, managing your workload, becoming consistent, developing leadership skills and so on. Equally, we’re keen to help you reach your personal goals like buying first homes or achieving milestones in your personal interests. 

Image of an international doctor wearing a turquoise jumper sitting in a coffee shop with her friends.

Work Hours

our doctors are mainly international, so you’ll need to contend with time differences meaning a normal start time of 8.30AM and your clients will work long days, so you’ll need to work until 6PM usually. They are long days, but they’ll fly by quickly and you’ll usually be wishing you had more hours in the day!

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25 days plus your birthday and all the usual bank holidays but we really want you to use them! We see annual leave as a force for good and you’ll be actively encouraged to use it to spend time with your loved ones or enjoy some amazing experiences. If you’re well rested, you’ll perform well.

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Remote Working

You’ll have remote access and there will be days when you need to work from home, but our office is where our culture of teamwork and collaboration comes to life. The comradery that you’ll become a part of is invaluable to us and we want you to be a part of that by shaking your hand when you make a placement or encouraging you after a difficult call. That can’t be replicated remotely.

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High performance will be at the heart of everything you do and we think it should be rewarded. Your incentives will always be unique and encourage you and your team to push yourselves - and you’ll rarely miss them! You’ll enjoy great food and fun experiences, and you’ll celebrate your wins as part of a team.

Our Process at BDI Resorucing

Our business works in a very straight forward process. No jargon and no gimmicks – just a simple process that results in hundreds more doctors working in the NHS every year:

Our social media and marketing team create incredible content, attracting a worldwide audience of doctors that NHS Trusts use to showcase their amazing vacancies Discover More

Our specialist recruitment team connect that audience of doctors with NHS Trusts, arranging all aspects of the recruitment process Discover More

Our dedicated relocation support team then assist the successful doctors and NHS Trusts with pre-employment checks, relocation support and ongoing pastoral care Discover More

DE & I Statement

At BDI, we firmly believe that fostering an environment of diversity, equality, and inclusion is not just an aspiration but an integral aspect of our core values.

We are committed to ensuring that these principles are deeply ingrained in every aspect of our operation, from the selection and hiring of employees, to their ongoing employment journey.

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Over 100 NHS Trusts have worked with us to Reach, Recruit and Relocate over 1500 UK and International Doctors with only Five Star feedback. Get in touch to find out how we can help you.

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