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NHS Medical CV Template Download

Your CV is one of the most important documents you’ll compile when applying for medical roles at all grades within the NHS. It is what you will be assessed on by NHS employers and often the first impression you can make as a doctor. Your CV needs to prove that your skills, experience, and qualifications are good enough to land an interview.

As it is so important for doctors to have the perfect CV, we’ve created this template for you to download and use. With plenty of experience recruiting UK and IMG doctors at BDI Resourcing, we know what works, and all of our knowledge has gone into this template. The format and structure are familiar to NHS employers, so they will find reading through it easy. Plus, this CV template has resulted in approvals for hundreds of doctors. Use it, and you’ll likely land an interview for your preferred NHS position.

This CV template ensures that you cover all the necessary relevant information and do so clearly and concisely (going into detail when necessary). You’ll have two copies – one pre-populated with guidance and another that you can fill in with your own details.

Here is what’s included:

Personal Information

The first section asks you to fill out personal information, including your name, job title, and specialisation.

Professional Summary

Next, you write your relevant qualifications, including your medical degree, postgraduate degree, life support courses, etc.

Personal Career and Objectives

In this section, you write a few paragraphs on your career experience and objectives.

Competencies, Procedures, and Clinical Skills

For this area of the CV template, fill in exactly what you can do – it’s OK to be detailed. There are two sections for this: skills you can do independently and skills you can do when assisted. One example of a clinical skill you might list is IV cannula insertion.

Current Employment

For this section, you provide details of your current employment, detailing the dates, tasks, job title, and more.

Previous Employment

This section is a lot like the current employment area; only it’s for your previous employment. This might include just one or two jobs, or it might consist of a long list. Always put your most relevant/recent job titles at the top.

Conferences and Courses Attended

If you have attended any relevant conferences or courses, you will detail that here.

Research and Publications

Having contributed to research or publications looks excellent on a CV. So, if you have, then be sure to list them here – with the most relevant at the top.

Awards and Accreditations

If you have received any awards or accreditations for your work in the medical field, then list that here. Again, this looks great on a medical CV, which is why it’s so important to include.

Other Relevant Skills/Information

At the end of our CV template, there is a section where you can provide a few short sentences on anything you feel you may have missed in the CV. This is an opportunity to talk about something you feel is relevant to the role but didn’t fit into the previous sections.

Overall, this CV template is an excellent guide for creating your own CV to apply for an NHS medical position. Use it, and you will showcase yourself, your skills, and your experience in the best possible light – all in a clear format.

Once you've completed your CV then please email it across to our team and we'll be happy to give you any pointers. Equally we'll be able to keep you updated with all the latest jobs from across the NHS.