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Many international doctors first think of big cities like London or Leeds, as these have high populations and often need more doctors. However, those aren’t your only options, and most people don’t realise the personal and professional benefits of considering alternative locations like Cwm Taf Morgannwg (CTM)

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A Brief Overview of

The Health Board

A great NHS Health Board to work for sits in the South of Wales. Cwm Taf Morgannwg (CTM) University Health Board covers the regions of Bridgend, Rhondda Cynon Taf, and Merthyr Tydfil, serving a population of around 450,000. The Health Board consists of fifteen different hospitals, delivering medical services to big and small communities alike. 

Don’t be put off by the Welsh name either; you won’t have to learn yet another language to work here. The vast majority of people speak and read English in Wales. Wales is justifiably proud of its culture and heritage and is trying to stop the Welsh language from dying out, so you will see it on signs, but there will always be an English version too. Internally it's often referred to as CTM and the individual hospitals names are much easier to pronounce.

And if you've not heard the term Health Board before, think of it in the same way as a Trust in other parts of the United Kingdom. They cover slightly different things but you won't notice a difference in your day to day work in the organisation.

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The Health Board

Cwm Taf Morgannwg University Health Board truly believes in providing the best medical care for every patient who enters one of their hospitals. Their values cover teamwork, respecting one another, listening, and striving to improve. 

As a university health board, there’s also a real focus on research, and they are even opening a dedicated Clinical Research Centre at the Royal Glamorgan Hospital, which allows patients to receive new and upcoming therapies. 

Turning those words into actions is proven through the Trust’s 2030 clinical strategy, which focuses on “embedding value-based healthcare” and “promoting diversity and inclusion.” Alongside these goals, they have listed tangible strategies to reach them. 

Overall, Cwm Taf Morgannwg University Health Board is an NHS Trust constantly striving towards success, ensuring that the hospitals they manage provide excellent patient care and a fantastic workplace for doctors, nurses, and all other staff members. Staff working at the Trust benefit from its forward-thinking nature as they are exposed to many opportunities and activities aimed at advancing their skill sets.

CTM also embraces innovation and new techniques to ensure the organisation always moves forward. The Trust routinely assesses the current models to see what’s working and what isn’t and adapts where necessary. As pointed out on the CTM website;

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“If you join CTM you will become part of a diverse group of compassionate professionals who all strive together, on a daily basis to provide safe and effective care. We are often at the forefront of developing new and innovative approaches and models of care and have fully embraced digital and blended methods of enhancing care for our patients and families.”

Focusing on

Royal Glamorgan Hospital

Royal Glamorgan Hospital is located in Llantrisant, a Welsh town in the county of Rhondda Cynon Taf. The area has a lot of history; the ancient town was once a prison for old Kings and a Norman stronghold. 

It provides patients with various healthcare services, including accident and emergency, paediatric, mental health (with its own mental health acute unit), and maternity. The hospital is always happy to welcome new doctors, including acute doctors, junior doctors, and specialists, so there’s a chance you will find a vacancy at this hospital that suits your skill set. 

Nowadays, living there means being surrounded by a strong community and exquisite beauty. The town is surrounded by rolling hills and has a range of exciting activities to do, including visiting Llantrisant Castle and wandering through Llantrisant Forest. It’s a great location for families looking to settle down. 

In terms of places of worship, the town has a handful of Christian Churches. However, the nearest Mosque is the University of Wales Mosque Masjid, just outside Pontypridd. 

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When working at Royal Glamorgan Hospital, you have access to some great transportation links. Many doctors don’t live in Llantrisant; instead, they drive or take public transport from the surrounding areas. The town’s train station, Pontyclun, has direct trains to Cardiff and Maesteg. It takes just under 15 minutes to get to Cardiff, which appeals to doctors who may prefer living in a city. Cardiff is the capital of Wales and has a population of over 300,000 people. As such, it contains sites like Cardiff Castle, the National Museum, and Bute Park (one of the UK’s largest parks). As a big city, it also has its fill of restaurants, cinemas, theatres, and shopping. Many doctors love being so close to such a wide range of amenities but still having the living space which comes from being outside of a city.

If you’re travelling to the UK with a family, you will likely be curious about the best schools in the area. The secondary school in Llantrisant is Y Pant Comprehensive School, which fell into Wales’s top 6% of GCSE results. Of course, you have plenty more options if you expand your search to Cardiff, such as Cardiff High School, which boasts the top 1% of GCSE results in Wales. 

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Focusing on

Prince Charles Hospital

Situated in Gurnos, Merthyr Tydfil, the Prince Charles Hospital is a large general hospital with a modern maternity unit, A&E, and even a helipad for rescue helicopters. The hospital employs a wide range of staff to meet patient needs. It’s a well-run, patient-focused hospital that encourages growth in all departments.

Gurnos is a small community in Wales, in the Merthyr Tydfil County Borough. Like many areas in Wales, it has vast greenery surroundings, providing plenty of countryside for those who live there.

The nearest train station is Merthyr Tydfil, which has regular trains running through Wales to places like Cardiff, Barry, Pontypridd, and Bridgend. It takes just under an hour to get to Cardiff via train. The town also has regular buses running throughout the area. 

Image of 6 international doctors sat holding blankets around a wood cabin with firepit in the middle.

For places of worship, you will find a range of Christian churches, including Herbon Evangelical Church, Saint John the Baptist Church, and Merthyr Tydfil Christ Church. The nearest Mosque is the Islamic Centre Aberdare, about a twenty-minute drive from Gurnos town centre and the nearest Synagogue is in Cardiff. 

If you’re moving with children, you won’t be short of schools to look into. The best schools in the area include Pen-Y-Dre High School, Goete Primary School, and Blessed Carlo Acutis Catholic School. 

Gurnos has plenty of shops, restaurants, cafes, and parks to choose from for general activities and daily living, so you and your family will never grow bored. If you want a place with a strong community and excellent transport links to the surrounding area of Wales, it’s a good choice. 

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Affordable housing and the potential to choose between city living in Cardiff or town and country living in surrounding areas make this the perfect choice.

Transport Links

Wonderfully close to both Swansea and Cardiff as well as being accessible to the rest of the UK by rail and road.


The Health Board are one of the most innovative in Wales and the UK having welcomed hundreds of international doctors and nurses.


Three hospital sites that each offer unique services and a broad range of highly specialised care for the people of South Wales.

Education Support

You'll be welcomed with an excellent onboarding and induction to spring board your career in the direction you want to take it.


Generous relocation packages are available for senior doctors looking to join the Health Board on long term and permanent contracts. 

Focusing on

Princess of Wales Hospital

The Princess of Wales Hospital can be found in Bridgend, Wales. It’s a general hospital providing medical care to the surrounding community. Since opening in 1986, it has expanded, offering more and more hospital space for patients. As it stands now, the hospital has 200 beds for in-patients. 

The hospital prides itself on a strong community and friendly staff. It even has its own radio station – Bridgend’s Hospital Radio. Thanks to the many departments within the hospital, many overseas doctors find a good position in this hospital and have many development opportunities. 

Bridgend is a large town in Wales in the Bridgend County Borough. It’s between two of Wales’ biggest cities: 20 miles out of Cardiff and 20 miles out of Swansea. Being so close to two of the largest cities in Wales means you are spoilt for choice in activities and amenities while still having all the benefits of living in the country. It’s a great way to have a lower cost of living without sacrificing any quality of life. The old town has plenty to offer those who live there; it’s bustling, with many shopping centres, eateries, activities, and nature spaces to enjoy. There are a lot of historical sites in the town, too, showing the area’s rich history. 

As a large town, it balances having a strong community while also being modern and having plenty of things to do. It’s a fairly short drive to the nearby coast, providing scenic days out. It works well for families, but it works well for individuals and couples moving over, too. 

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If you don’t drive, the best way to get around is via train or bus. It only takes around twenty minutes to get to Cardiff on the train, plus there are plenty of buses to get around the town. 

As Christianity is the most popular religion in the area, you will find plenty of Christian churches. The closest Mosque – Aberkenfig Mosque – is just outside Bridgend town centre. Those who practice Judaism will have to travel to Cardiff for a place of worship, as that is where the nearest Synagogue is. 

If you have children, Bridgend, fortunately, has a lot of great schools. A school often ranked number one in the area is Porthcawl Comprehensive School, which takes pupils aged 11-18. There are many excellent primary schools for younger children, such as Blaengarw Primary School, Brackla Primary School, and Caerau Primary School. 

Overall, Bridgend is a bustling, large town in Wales with excellent links to the rest of the country. It makes a fantastic spot for any international doctor to settle down in, whether you are coming alone or with a large family. 

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Local population
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Staff Members
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Major Hospital Sites
Reasons to

Join the Health Board

The Opportunities

With a range of hospitals and departments, there are endless opportunities for overseas doctors at CTM. The Health Board is particularly effective at nurturing leaders, allowing doctors to train and develop their skills to become consultants in their chosen field. 

Employee Wellbeing

CTM truly values its employees, which is why there is such a focus on employee wellbeing. Whether you require mindfulness, relaxation, a health break, or healthy lifestyle courses, any CTM hospital will support you. The Trust also provides plenty of opportunities for minorities to network with those going through similar experiences. One of the active networks at the Trust is the Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic network. 

Relocation Policy

Relocating to another country to work as a doctor for an unfamiliar healthcare system can be daunting. CTM makes the process as easy as possible and some senior international doctors who choose to join for over two years can receive a generous relocation package, which can be used on travel, moving, and visa-related expenses. You will need to meet criteria set out by the Health Board to be eligible.

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The Innovation

CTM is always looking towards the future, embracing new technologies and medical techniques to improve the lives of both healthcare workers and patients. The hospitals are not afraid of redesigning their methods to create a better healthcare environment. CTM often employs Workforce Transformation plans to ensure the hospital keeps up with the ever-changing and growing needs of the Welsh population. As a doctor at one of the hospitals, you can be at the forefront. 

The Location

Wales is a vast, beautiful country in the UK, providing plenty of greenery and community spirit. Working at one of these hospitals means never being far from the coast, the incredible city of Cardiff, and the amazing historical sites of Wales. 

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If you want to apply for a position at one of the Cwm Taf Morgannwg University Health Board hospitals, you are in the right place. BDI Resourcing has teamed up with CTM Trust to recruit overseas doctors for a variety of roles. Contact us to find out about vacancies in your area of specialism and, if you want to apply for a position, the team here will guide you through the process.

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