Speciality Doctor in Emergency Medicine

  • £50,373 - £78,759
  • North East
  • Permanent

The A&E Department

The Emergency Department consists of:

  • 3 bay resuscitation room with dedicated paediatric cubicle
  • 5 bay 1st assessment area
  • 10 bay majors’ area- including dedicated paediatric cubicle
  • 5 bay shielding zone for vulnerable patients
  • Separate adult and paediatric waiting rooms
  • Isolation zone for probable Covid-19 patients
  • Urgent Treatment Centre

We also are pleased to inform we have an Emergency Assessment Unit that offers medical attention for same day patients on a range of medical, surgical and frailty pathways.

At this trust, we focus on training the next generation of medical professionals and cultivate a learning environment that benefits everyone who works with us because we’re a teaching hospital. The ongoing emphasis on growth and improvement, whether you're the instructor or the student, is evident by how we value the importance on learning and development here.

The new A&E/Urgent Treatment Centre Unit

Another exciting reason to join this hospital is down to our continued rebuilding of our emergency services. We are close to completion of brand new urgent and emergency care unit which has been going on for some years now. A £47 million pound investment has made this dream a reality as the new departments should be ready by early 2024.

This investment would mean we will vastly accelerate patient waiting times and improve how they are assessed. This efficiency right from the beginning of our patient experience will ultimately speed up waiting room traffic which will have a direct knock-on effect to improving patient safety.

The Job Description

The job itself will be split into two sections of work: both clinical (PA) and non-clinical time (SPA). As a specialty doctor your hours will be broken down into 4-hour blocks so for example;

1 PA (Programmed Activity) = 4 hours

10 PA = 40 hours

12 PA = 48 hours

This job would encourage doctors to undertake 12PA’s as to maximise their clinical and non-clinical exposure. SPA time (Supporting Professional Activity) can cover aspects of worktime such as teaching, research, clinical audits or medical education roles. So, you will be expected to work as normal on site but wouldn’t be on the shop floor. This SPA time is integral for us to offer our doctors as we’re strong believers in personal development which will have a knock-on effect on to the motivations of fellow doctors.

Clinical duties will include:

  • Responsible for the initial assessment of all patients that present to the Emergency Department.
  • All hours will be sent on the shop floor whether that is in a clinical capacity or supporting the junior staff within the department.
  • Involvement in departmental auditing processes.
  • Expected to participate in the governance and teaching within the department

The breakdown of the PA/SPA time would be as follows -

Direct Clinical Care = 9.75 PA’s



Quality Improvement = 0.25PA

= 12PA’s

If a candidate wanted to opt for a 10PA contract this can be discussed further as job plan will need to be changed accordingly.

The Location

This is a lovely seaside community situated alongside the stunning Yorkshire coast and is blessed with two sandy bays. It offers sandy beaches, breath taking coastline and wonderful family attractions to many tourists throughout the year and of course the lucky locals!

This trust provides a comprehensive range of acute hospital and specialist healthcare services for approximately 800,000 people living in and around the North-East region in England.

The Requirements

To be considered for this role, you must meet the following requirements:

  • GMC registration in full.
  • At least 6 months NHS experience in the A&E
  • Valid ALS Certificate (ACLS will not be accepted)
  • Minimum of four years’ experience within Emergency Medicine.

If you’re a UK based doctor who finds this opportunity interesting, then please do get in touch with us and we would be happy to help.

How BDI Resourcing can support

When choosing to utilise BDI Resourcing when applying for your next position, you will receive the following support from our expert team of Emergency Medicine recruiters:

  • Tailored CV preparation and advice.
  • Job application support, ensuring your CV is presented to the relevant points of contact.
  • Interview preparation utilising questions that are specific to your role and the hospital you are applying to.
  • Contract and offer negotiations for salary and financial relocation support.

Once you have accepted your new role, you will then be provided support by one of our dedicated relocation experts, who will be there to support you in every step of your move into your new location. This includes:

  • Gathering of pre-employment documentation and verification.
  • CoS and VISA guidance and support.
  • Short-term and long-term accommodation sourcing.
  • Travel arrangements and guidance.
  • Family support in locating schools and any other pastoral support required.
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