Senior Clinical Fellow in Intensive Care

  • £55,329 - £70,000
  • London
  • Fixed

The Department

Join this dynamic team in the Critical Care Unit! A thriving ICU and HDU that welcomes approximately 800 patients each year. Here, their dedicated team cares for a diverse range of individuals, with the majority being urgent medical admissions, encompassing conditions like respiratory distress, acute kidney complications, liver issues, heart ailments, and the relentless battle against septic shock. Additionally, they cater to an array of surgical admissions, ranging from carefully planned major colorectal surgeries to the urgency of emergency laparotomies and ENT/airway crises. In their well-equipped facility, they prioritize patient safety with four dedicated isolation rooms, ensuring the utmost care for those requiring extra attention. Would you like to join them in providing top-notch care?

The Job

full-time position offers an immersive experience within our state-of-the-art facility. As the successful applicant, you'll thrive in a well-structured work environment, following a balanced 1:6 rota that includes comprehensive coverage for annual and study leave. You'll find yourself surrounded by a team of dedicated professionals, with at least 2 junior colleagues supporting you on both day and night shifts.

The Critical Care Unit boasts 19 beds, including 6 isolated units, and annually admits approximately 900 patients. They take pride in their commitment to excellence, subscribing to ICNARC standards and having a team of 6 ICU consultants who provide round-the-clock supervision. These experts lead all ward rounds and offer unwavering support to the junior team members. Among the consultants, you'll find 4 full-time intensivists and 2 intensivists with a keen interest in Anesthesia, ensuring a diverse and enriching experience.

  • While this role may not be a formal training post, they place a strong emphasis on education and personal development. You'll have the opportunity to engage in various training activities, including:
  • A comprehensive Trust and Departmental induction program.
  • Structured morning ward rounds (9:00 to 11:00 am) that provide a unique educational experience, allowing you to learn from real cases and management strategies.
  • Weekly teaching sessions and a dedicated weekly MDT (Multidisciplinary Team) and M&M (Morbidity and Mortality) meeting.
  • Encouragement to conduct audits and contribute to quality improvement projects, with a track record of showcasing these at national and international conferences (with junior doctors as the first authors).
  • A valuable 1-week taster experience in Anesthesia.
  • Collaborative monthly consultant teaching sessions with the QEH Intensive Care team.
  • A well-equipped junior doctor's room within the ICU, complete with a desk and computer for your convenience.
  • Access to the hospital's educational program, featuring medical and surgical teaching sessions on Fridays, including medical case presentations that they encourage their residents to attend.

This opportunity is more than just a job – it's a chance to immerse yourself in a world of learning and growth while making a meaningful impact on the lives of our patients. Join us and become part of a team dedicated to excellence in critical care!

Main Duties

Embark on a fulfilling journey as a vital member of our team, where you'll engage in a range of exciting responsibilities:

  • Hands-On Patient Care: Each day, you'll personally assess every patient during our ward rounds, collaborating closely with the guidance of our esteemed Critical Care Consultant. You'll play a key role in shaping individualized patient care plans.
  • Team Collaboration: Join forces with a dedicated team of professionals, contributing actively to the continuous medical care of all our unit's patients. Your expertise will be at the forefront of delivering top-notch care.
  • Patient Presentation Excellence: Showcase your skills and knowledge by attending and presenting patients during our daily morning handover rounds. Additionally, you'll shine during the evening handover rounds, ensuring a smooth transition of care to our dedicated Critical Care Resident on night duty.
  • Clinical Management Mastery: Collaborate with our esteemed Critical Care Consultant to craft and execute comprehensive clinical management plans for all patients on the unit. Whether it's daytime or during those late-night calls, your dedication to patient well-being will shine through.
  • Seamless Communication: Foster effective communication with our Critical Care Consultant, particularly when handling new referrals for admission. Your ability to convey critical information will be paramount in providing timely and exceptional care.
  • Interdisciplinary Synergy: Embrace the opportunity to work harmoniously with trainees from various specialties, with a particular focus on Anaesthetics. Together, you'll ensure the safety and well-being of critically ill patients during the most crucial hours.
  • Adherence to Excellence: Uphold the highest standards of patient care by adhering unwaveringly to all Trust and Critical Care Unit policies. This includes meticulous attention to clinical management, infection control, and the diligent reporting of any incidents in line with our trusted Clinical Risk Management policy.
  • Research and Improvement: Engage actively in our ongoing Clinical Audit program within the unit, and seize the chance to be part of exciting clinical research projects. Your contributions will shape the future of critical care.
  • Educational Enrichment: Enthusiastically participate in our teaching and education program, sharing your valuable insights and experiences with fellow trainees on the unit. Your dedication to learning and growth will be an inspiration to all.


In order to apply for this role you will need:

  • GMC Registration complete (or awaiting ID check)
  • Recognized post graduate degree (EDAIC, EDIC, MRCP, FRCA, USMLE)
  • Language test (OET or IELTS)
  • ECFMG verification
  • Experience in a similar position overseas or locally (Specialty Doctor/Specialist/Senior Resident)

How BDI Resourcing can support

When choosing to apply for your next role with BDI Resourcing, you’ll have the full support of an expert recruitment team who will assist, as standard, with:

  • CV Preparation using our recognised bespoke guidance
  • Application support with expert knowledge of specialisms, NHS and local support
  • Video based Interview Preparation using specific example questions according to job role
  • Contract and offer negotiations for salary, relocation packages, tenure and more

Once you have accepted your new role, you’ll then be met by one of our dedicated relocation executives who will guide you through all the way to starting to your new role including:

  • Document gathering and checking 
  • COS and Visa Application support if applicable
  • Short- and long-term accommodation sourcing
  • Travel Arrangements
  • Family support for finding schools and any other aspects of pastoral care
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