Consultant Geriatrician

  • £88,364 – 119,133
  • Manchester
  • Fixed

A consultant geriatrician is a medical specialist dedicated to addressing the healthcare needs of older adults. These physicians have undergone specialized training in geriatric medicine, equipping them with expertise in preventing, diagnosing, treating, and managing medical conditions and diseases commonly observed in older individuals. With their comprehensive understanding of age-related changes, multiple chronic conditions, cognitive decline, and functional impairments, geriatricians possess in-depth knowledge to deliver targeted and effective healthcare to older adults.

Main Duties:

  • Assume a senior leadership role and supervise the Medicine for Older People Wards
  • Provide clinical leadership in Geriatric Medicine, overseeing junior medical staff and multi-professional trainees as necessary.
  • Participate in the Geriatric Medicine weekend rota on a 1:8 basis.
  • Fulfil responsibilities for teaching undergraduate and postgraduate students within the Trust.
  • Engage in administrative and management duties within the department, collaborating with other consultants.
  • Offer consultant cross-cover for annual/study leave and temporary absences of colleagues, as mutually agreed within the teams.

The Hospital:

This trust is a renowned healthcare institution, known for its expertise in medical research, education, and patient care. With over 1200 beds at this site, and multiple wards designated to the care of the elderly, this Trust ensures the highest quality of care for its older patients. As one of the largest hospitals in the region, it offers a broad range of medical services across various specialties. It is equipped with state-of-the-art facilities, enabling advanced diagnostics, treatments, and patient care. The hospital maintains a patient-centered approach, focusing on delivering compassionate and high-quality healthcare to the community. The Geriatrics Team specializes in the healthcare needs of older adults, addressing the unique challenges and conditions commonly associated with aging. Led by consultant geriatricians, the team comprises a multi-disciplinary group of healthcare professionals, including doctors, nurses, therapists, social workers, and support staff. With a focus on promoting healthy aging and enhancing quality of life, the Geriatrics Team provides preventive care, including vaccinations, screenings, and lifestyle recommendations. They offer geriatric consultation and liaison services to other specialty wards, providing specialized input and support for older patients with complex medical needs. The Geriatrics Team also plays a vital role in end-of-life and palliative care, ensuring comfort, dignity, and support for older patients and their families during challenging times. They collaborate closely with other departments and community resources to facilitate smooth transitions of care, whether patients require hospitalization, rehabilitation, or care in the community. In addition to clinical care, they also contribute to the education and training of junior doctors, medical students, and healthcare professionals, sharing their expertise and fostering the development of future geriatric specialists.

The location:

The city where this trust is located is a vibrant and cosmopolitan city in the north west of England, and it holds numerous enticing aspects that would appeal to international doctors. Known for its rich cultural heritage, thriving professional opportunities, and diverse community, this city offers a dynamic environment for medical professionals seeking both career growth and a high quality of life. With a diverse population, the city celebrates various festivals, offers a wide range of international cuisines, and hosts vibrant community events. This multicultural atmosphere ensures a warm and welcoming environment for doctors from all backgrounds. For those seeking an active lifestyle, the city boasts an impressive array of recreational activities. The city is home to numerous parks, green spaces, and recreational facilities, offering opportunities for outdoor pursuits and leisurely relaxation. From picturesque canal walks to sporting events, there is always something to cater to the diverse interests of international doctors. There are also excellent transportation links that make it easily accessible to explore the rest of the UK and Europe. The city's international airport offers convenient connections to numerous destinations, facilitating travel and exploration during time off. Overall, the blend of professional opportunities, multiculturalism, recreational activities, and vibrant cultural scene creates an appealing destination for international doctors. It offers a stimulating environment to develop one's medical career while enjoying a diverse and fulfilling lifestyle.


To apply for this position, you will need the following:

  • Full MRCP (or equivalent)
  • Full GMC registration
  • Wide range of geriatric medicine, general medicine, and acute medicine experience

How BDI Resourcing can support

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How to Apply

To apply for this role, simply send your CV through to and one of our specialist medicine team can pick it up. If you have any questions or would like to know more, please email your queries through to the same address and one of our team will be in touch.

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