CESR - Specialty Doctor in Emergency Medicine

  • £52,530 - £82,400
  • East Midlands
  • Fixed

The Emergency Department are currently seeking highly experienced doctors to join their thriving department in the Midlands. The hospital is a medium sized district general offering the successful applicant the chance to receive a high level of support from the consultant panel and educational growth within the role.

This post is perfect for someone who is looking to progress along the CESR pathway, as suggested in the title. Doctors securing a position here will have full access to the well structured CESR program at the trust and will be provided with their clinical rotation each year. The ambition is that doctors will complete their CESR within an average timeline of 4 years.

The Job

The successful doctor will be provided a clear rota plan which works to an average of 10PA, which is equivalent to 40 hours per week, with 4 hours of non-clinical duties included within the 40-hour contact. Teaching sessions would be provided on a regular basis throughout the rota as well to supplement the learning. Other clinical duties will include:

  • Responsible for the initial assessment of all patients that present to the Emergency Department.
  • All hours will be spent on the shop floor whether that is in a clinical capacity or supporting the junior staff within the department.
  • Involvement in departmental auditing processes.
  • Attend monthly CESR workshop days.
  • Expected to participate in the governance and teaching within the department.
  • Care for patients on a 75/25 split between adults and paediatrics

The Location

The Midlands offers fantastic opportunities to new arrivals in the UK. The Midlands is host to some of the largest cities within the UK and is well known for its diversity and inclusion of people from all backgrounds. Whether you are looking for a busy metropolitan city, or a peaceful rural town, the Midlands has it all. Other benefits include:

  • Fantastic transport links to London and the North.
  • The hospital is situated in one of largest towns in the country
  • Low-cost of living.
  • Wealth of highly rated schools for people with families.
  • Vibrant city life for people looking for social opportunities.

The Trust

This is the perfect time to join the trust, who score very highly in their ability to support and develop doctors that work within their department. The feedback received is always stating the high standards of training within the trust. This is also outlined by their commitment to providing an in depth and detailed CESR programme with mass support to all doctors who proceed to take up this opportunity.

The Requirements

To be considered for this role, you must meet the following requirements:

  • Relevant post graduate qualifications such as the MRCEM qualification.
  • GMC registration in full.
  • Minimum of three years’ experience within Emergency Medicine.

How BDI Resourcing can support

When choosing to utilise BDI Resourcing when applying for your next position, you will receive the following support from our expert team of Emergency Medicine recruiters:

  • Tailored CV preparation and advice.
  • Job application support, ensuring your CV is presented to the relevant points of contact.
  • Interview preparation utilising questions that are specific to your role and the hospital you are applying to.
  • Contract and offer negotiations for salary and financial relocation support.

Once you have accepted your new role, you will then be provided support by one of our dedicated relocation experts, who will be there to support you in every step of your move into your new location. This includes:

  • Gathering of pre-employment documentation and verification.
  • CoS and VISA guidance and support.
  • Short-term and long-term accommodation sourcing.
  • Travel arrangements and guidance.
  • Family support in locating schools and any other pastoral support required.
Liam Francis Senior Recruitment Consultant

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